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Related post: Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 20:30:41 -0600 From: Keith Yates Subject: Rick's Barn 2This is a work of fiction. It contains adult subject matter and situations with sexual acts between men. If can virgins become pregnant you are under age or the subject matter is offensive to you, stop reading now...If the subject is something that interests you and you are permitted under the laws of your area, please continue to read.The places and people portrayed are products of the Author's (My) imagination and any relation to real people is purely coincidental. Please do not re-post or distribute this work without the permission of the author. CharactersRick -- Mature teen that seems to have a problem with his step-dad and is spending a lot of time in the hay loft of his virgin fuck 14 barn.Pete -- Rick's best friend.Luke -- Pete's Cousin who is coming to spend the summer with Pete and his family.Okay guys for Christmas I thought I would give you a chapter of Rick's barn. It has been a while, but hopefully you will enjoy this story. Maybe if there is enough interest more chapters will follow.As always send me your thoughts to enjoy the story.Rick's Barn Chapter 02Pete drove home with an erection pushing out the front of his jeans. He didn't know what had happened at Rick's to make him get boned up, but something had certainly set his cock off."It must have been that homemade shit little petite virgin that you drunk," Pete said to himself as he pulled into the driveway.Pete felt grimy and sweaty from the afternoon's work. Putting that hay in the barn was grueling work. He didn't know how Rick stood the heat in that hay loft.Pete knew that Rick had been spending more and free sex virgin hymen more time in the barn. Rick did not get along tiny virgins nude art with his step-father at all and the barn had seemed to become his sanctuary.Pete wondered if there exploited ebony virgins was anything he could do to help his friend, but had no idea what it might be. Maybe he should virgin analsex ask little virgin rape Rick if there was anything he could do. Maybe he could invite Rick to stay at his place Free nude virgin boards for a while.Pete walked in the back door and pulled his shirt off. He tossed it into the pile of dirty clothes sitting next to the washing machine."Anyone home?" He hollered as he entered.The house remained silent. He figured his folks had gone to pick up his cousin Luke. Rick figured he still had time to grab a drink and then hit the shower.Pete pulled aloha virgin mobile a bottle of Gatorade from the fridge and twisted off the lid. 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The sweat drenched fabric trying to cling to his well muscled legs. kids virgin nude Pete then pulled off the socks and last slid down his underwear.It felt good to have the damp clothes off and the child virgin nude cool air of german virgins nude his room felt good against his skin. free virgin pics He padded barefoot across the family room and stepped into the bathroom.His erection had subsided a bit, but his cock still felt thicker and virgin girl orgasm longer than normal. He stood before the porcelain appliance and emptied his bladder. He sighed in relief as the pressure was relieved and emptied into the toilet.Pete shook himself off and then stepped into the shower. He stepped into the warm spray and let the water help wash the tiredness form his muscles along with the free naked virgins sweat and grime from his body.Soapy fingers began sliding over his smooth chest. His red-brown nipples responding to his touch. His fingers feeling them growing erect as he gently pinched them. He twisted the left one and then the right one. His cock growing fully erect again.Rick's face and body flashed into Pete's mind. His friends tan muscular arms and chest filling his inner eye.He wondered what it would feel like to pull Rick into his arms. He wondered what Rick's warm tan skin would feel like against his own skin.Pete's cock jumped and twitched as Pete thought of Rick. The organ demanding some attention.Pete reached down and began to stroke himself as he thought of being virgin Rick. His mind racing with the idea fresh virgins tgp of holding Rick, of kissing his full lips. The thought of Rick's hand sliding down his back and touching his butt made pre cum begin to slowly leak from the head of his dick.Pete's body tingled with the thoughts and images racing through his mind. His penis throbbed as he daydreamed about his best friend.Rick's hands full length virgin porn were on Pete's shoulders. His fingers needing Pete's broad shoulders. 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His fingers finding Pete's virgin arts pics butt crack and sliding up and down them."Oh yes, oh yes, I'm gonna cum," Pete cried out as his cock began exploding.Pete's hot white cum shot out and splattered against virgin slit pictures the shower door. The milky fluid landing on the opaque door and sliding down."Ohohohohohohoh!" Pete cried again as two and three more squirts of cum shot from him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Luke leaned back with his head resting against the back of the seat. teens virgins free ilegal He was glad that this long bus trip was just about over. After having sat next to one old little virgins rusas lady who smelled like cats, one kid that stank and was obviously stoned and now the old man snoring next to him, Luke was more than ready to get to illegal virgins porn his Aunt and Uncle's place. He wanted off the bus and away from these people.Luke was still finding it hard to believe that his parents had exiled horny virgins on holiday him to farm country. He had not wanted to come out here. He had not wanted to leave his friends or his home. He had only been allowed to bring clothes. He had no playstation, no IPod and no laptop. He was going to be here for months and have nothing to do.Luke was going to be happy to see Pete. He liked his cousin and had missed hanging out with him. They hadn't seen each other for several years. He just didn't know how well they would get along with each other now. He was sure they had both changed quite a bit since they virgin porn pics were younger.Luke finally reached his last stop. He was tired and it was late and he had not been able to sleep on the bus. He hoped sex virgin pictures his Aunt and Uncle would be there. He really did not like the idea of spending another hour or two waiting on them in the bus station.Luke climbed down off the bus and looked around. virgin pocket pussy He did not see schoolgirl virgin defloration his Aunt nor his Uncle. They might just be running a little late, but Luke innocent porn teen virgin was sure he would be spending hours waiting on virgin land fucking them."What if they forgot?" Luke asked himself.He walked from the bus into the bus station. virgin galeries He looked around and still did not see them anywhere."Great!" he muttered. "How long will I have to wait?"Not seeing his Aunt and Uncle, Luke headed to the rest rooms. He decided that he needed to empty 16 virgins girl porno his bladder and hoped that when he came back out that he would find them there.As the hour was kind of late, there were hardly any people in the place. It seemed that everyone else had more sense than to take the last bus into town.Luke pushed the restroom door open and was greeted by the broad shoulders and narrow waist of an attractive young man mopping the restroom floor."Hi," he said."Hello," Luke returned the greeting. "Is it um okay if I..."Luke pointed at the virgins pussy photos urinal to indicate what he needed to do."Sure, just don't miss and hit the floor. I have already mopped over there."The guy was smiling, so Luke knew that he was just joking. The twinkle in his eye gave Luke a slightly butterfly feeling in his belly."No problem. I never miss virginia beach webcam when I aim my gun at something."The other man laughed as Luke stepped up to the Urinal. His back was to the other guy and he thought he could feel the eyes on his back. He wondered how often virgins kids tgp the guy watched as other men took virgins sexy a piss.Luke thought his zipper sounded abnormally loud as he lowered it down. He then pulled himself out and began releasing the hot stream of yellow urine into the bowl of the urinal."Ah," Luke sighed as he relieved his full bladder.He had not wanted to use the small restroom on the bus and for the last couple of miles he had been pinned against the window by the large snoring man.Luke's stream turned to a trickle and then stopped. He shook the last few drops off and replaced his member back into his pants. He flushed and free nude petite virgins then turned around and found the other guy looking at him."See, not a drop on the floor," Luke said trying to make a joke."Good job. You would be surprised how japan virgin pics many guys can't manage that."Luke moved to the sink and washed his hands and then turned back. He found the other guy still watching him."Um, is there something wrong?""Um, no. I just thought-I mean, you look like...""Brad Pitt?" Luke said grinning."Um no."Luke knew he did not look anything like Brad amateur anal virgin movies Pitt. He knew he was no movie star, but he had always been told he was cute. He knew pretteen virgin children he needed to hit the gym more. His body had no fat, but it did not have much muscle either. He had planned on hitting the gym three or four days this summer, but now that he was in farm land, he probably wouldn't be able to do that either."I just thought you virgin gallery thumbnail photo looked like someone I use to know.""But virgin kds sex not sex virgin teens Brad huh?""No. Why would you want to look like him anyway? You are cuter than he is."Luke felt his face blush at the compliment even if it was maybe a lie.""Wow! Now that blush really makes you cute." "Thanks."Luke could feel his ears burning. He knew his face was red and there was not anything he could do about it."My name is Jeremy," Jeremy said holding out his hand.Luke stepped forward and russians virgins porno took the offered hand. He felt a slight tingle as he took and squeezed Jeremy's hand in a firm shake."My name is Luke."They gripped each others hands firmly as they looked into each others blue eyes. Their eyes were the same deep blue, but that was where their similarity stopped.Luke had blond hair while Jeremy's hair was black. Both were relatively fair complexioned, but Luke had the beginning of a golden tan."Are you here meeting family?" Jeremy asked."Yeah, I am spending the summer with my Aunt and Uncle.""Are they out there waiting on daughter virgin cunny you?""No, they weren't there. I guess they are running a little late."Jeremy picked up the handle of his mop and began to run it across the floor again. He continued talking to little virgin kids sex Luke as he worked.Luke watched Jeremy mopping the floor. He was really beginning to like this guy. He thought the guy was very good looking. His shoulders were broad and naked virgin girls photo well muscled as were his arms and chest. It was obvious the guy was use to manual labor. He stood about 3 inches taller than virgins teens movies Luke's five foot nine inches."I'm sure you will like it here. There are some really great places to go fishing and swimming. Plus the country fair will be coming up next month. There is always lots of stuff to do there. Not to mention the big Independence Day celebration. We have some great fireworks around here.""Yeah, I am sure you do."Jeremy bent over and Luke watched the way the tight fitting uniform pants hugged his firm round buns. His tight shirt stretching across his back as he moved his mop bucket.Luke could feel his teen virgin forum sex begin to twitch at the sight of the hot guy. He could feel it beginning to plump up virgin kids inside his tight pants."It sounds like a lot of fun," Luke said even though he wasn't sure any of it would be fun.Luke would much rather be back home with extreme virgins his friends and hanging out at the beach or the club. Being here in Nowhereville was not his idea. His parents had shipped him off here and no matter how much he had griped, complained and begged he had still found himself on the bus being sent back here."Yeah, you will see. We do know how to have a good time.""Maybe you will show me?"Luke grinned as Jeremy turned back around grinning at Luke. virgin polish girls There blue eyes met again and they seemed to be communicating something to each other with just there blue eyes."I can think of a couple of things I would like to show you."Luke's lips turned up into a full smile and his hand dropped down to his crotch as he lightly brushed it across his sex."Well, when is good for you?"Jeremy glanced over at the door and then back at Luke. He too was smiling and he dropped his hand down to adjust the growing sex in his brown uniform pants. His tan shirt stretched as he reached.Luke moved back toward the end stall. virgins photo free He stepped into the stall and waited and hoped.Jeremy pushed the mop bucket into the corner and took the few steps to the stall. He stepped inside with Luke. His mind racing. He could not get caught fooling around at work. He would be fired. He could not let anyone know just what kind of stuff he liked to do with guys.Luke's mind was racing as well. He had never done anything like this before. He had never hooked up with a stranger in a men's room. He could not believe he was about to fool around right here. His parents had sent him away but he was still going to find a way to have fun.Jeremy latched the door behind him and then stepped closer to Luke. He was feeling nervous and he thought maybe Luke was feeling the same."You know, I was strawberry virgins nude pics serious when I said that you are cuter than Brad Pitt."Luke blushed virgins angels cp again, but this time he knew the proper response to Jeremy's compliment. Luke stepped closer and put his arms around the taller guy. His hand slid illegal tiny virgins up Jeremy's back and pulled the other guy forward a couple of inches. Luke then stretched up and pushed his lips against Jeremy's.The kiss was virgin nude girl angels short, but it left both of them tingling inside. Each of them wanted more. The connection they seemed to have made in such a short time was girl looses her virginity growing.Luke's hand slid down from Jeremy's neck down across the strong back and down to japanese teen virgins feel the firm buns inside the tight brown pants. Luke's fingers began massaging the solid butt as Jeremy's virgin cp hand did the same to him. They seemed to want each other in the same ways.Luke pulled his hand from pretten hardcore fuck virgin Jeremy's butt and moved it around to the front. He placed it over Jeremy's crotch and massaged the guy's sex. His hand brought Jeremy surging to full erection in only seconds."I think you like me," Luke said grinning up at Jeremy as he massaged the bulge."Yeah, I do and I think you feel the same."Jeremy's hand had closed around Luke's basket and was massaging the other guy. They could both feel there hearts pounding inside their chests. They could feel the blood surging through their veins.Each of them unbuttoned the others pants. They sandra virginia ella lowered each others zippers and pushed down the pants.Luke smiled at the petite teen virgin white fruit of the loom briefs Jeremy was wearing. He was sure the guy bought all of his clothes at Wal-Mart. free real virgin movies The front of the white briefs were pushed out by the hard penis trying to find an escape from the tight pouch.Jeremy couldn't believe how sexy Luke looked in the black Calvin Kline briefs. They hugged his firm round butt and were tight in the front where the guy's erection was pushing them out like a tent pole."Damn," Jeremy breathed as he lowered Luke's briefs.Luke did the same with Jeremy's briefs. They were soon both standing there in the stall with their pants and briefs around there ankles and their two erect male organs pointing out from their bodies.They seemed to be working in perfect unison as each of them took the other into their hand. They began to slowly squeeze and stroke each other.Jeremy gasped as Luke's thumb raked across the head of his erection. His breath growing faster as he felt the pleasure of the other man's hand."You, you do that so well.""I practice a lot," Luke said smiling."Really?""Yelp. A couple times a day, every day."Jeremy began to wonder just how much experience Luke had. It was sounding like the guy got a lot more action than he had ever dreamed adult video store virginia of getting."I can lust virgin nude never seem to find other guys to know.""Oh, didn't say I practiced on other guys," Luke said smiling up into the handsome face of his new friend. "I virgin teen sex practice on myself all the time.""Oh," Jeremy said indian virgin girls smiling.Jeremy was a bit relieved to hear that. He wasn't sure he wanted to get mixed up with a guy russia virgins illegal that might be fooling virgin place tgp pic around with every guy that he could find."I do that too. Practice, that is. I stroke my own several times a week.""Just several times a week? Not more often?""Well, um..."Now it was Jeremy's turn to blush. He knew he had to be truthful. After all, Luke had great virgins tpg admitted to doing it a couple times a day."Okay, at least once a day.""Sometimes more right?""Yeah usually more."Luke couldn't help but think how good looking this guy was. He couldn't believe he had fresh virgin tgp found this hot guy on his first day in hick town. He was glad he had and hoped that maybe Jeremy would live nearby his Aunt's.The two of them were soon lost watching the expressions of pleasure on each other's face as they stroked. Each of them sliding his hand up and down the others stiff erection.Jeremy's erection was longer than Luke's, but Luke's was thicker. They both had a good handful to little virgins sex work with.Luke's hand slid up and down Jeremy's seven inch erection. Stroking it and squeezing it. His thumb would rub and tease the sensitive head of the erect penis. His other hand had reached under Jeremy's erection and was massaging Jeremy's testicles. Those sensitive orbs were being rubbed and massaged by Luke's fingers.Jeremy's hand pumped innocent nude virgins up and down Luke's erect manhood. His fingers squeezing the other guy tight and pumping it fast. His hand tried to copy everything Luke was doing to him. They were each growing closer and closer to exploding."Luke, I'm gonna..."Jeremy did not have time to finish his sentence before his cock erupted with strands of white seed firing against Luke. His cock throbbing and pulsing in Luke's hand as jet after jet blasted from the head to splatter against Luke's lower belly and crotch.Feeling the hot white seed hitting him sweet little virgin porn was the last straw for Luke. His own little child virgin photos erect penis began shooting his seed out and onto Jeremy. His seed splattering against Jeremy's thigh and began to ooze down the other guy's well free virgins com toplist muscled leg.As their orgasms began to subside, they heard the virgin child sex picture restroom door open. Both boys tensed up at the sound of someone stepping into the room. They both seemed to russia bdsm virgin be holding their breath."Um, excuse me," a deep baritone said, "Luke is you in there?""Um, yeah," Luke said hesitantly. "Is that you Uncle Owen?""Yes.""I, I, I'll be right out.""Okay, um, is everything alright?""Um, yes.""Okay, see you outside.""I'll be right there."The two listened as the footsteps moved to the door. They heard the door squeak as it opened and Luke's uncle stepped out of the restroom. They listened to virgin pussy girl naturist the silence as they began to slowly breathe again."Shit," Luke breathed."Fuck man," Jeremy said."Do you think he knew you were in here?" Luke asked looking into Jeremy's deep blue eyes."Um, maybe not. I don't know.""Fuck, fuck."Luke looked down at the mess Jeremy had made on his crotch and lower abdomen. He didn't know what he was going to do virgins seks about it. He had ropes of thick white cum clinging to his golden skin."Here," Jeremy said passing Luke a wad of toilet paper."Thanks."Luke mopped up the mess and tossed the sticky wet wad of toilet paper into the toilet. He then pulled his clothes back together.Jeremy wiped himself up virgin teen top list as well and then straightened his uniform. They looked at each other a long moment and then moved closer one last illegal virgin pics time.Luke put his hands on Jeremy's shoulders and stretched up while russian virgin free pics Jeremy bent down... Their lips little virgin 12yo met in a soft quick kiss. Their hands lightly brushing each others backs as they pulled closer for a hug."Do you think we might be able to hang out while you are here?" real virgin pics Jeremy asked."I would like that."Luke rattled off his Aunt and uncle's phone number. Then he stepped out of the stall."Do 77 virgins you mind staying in here until we are gone?"Jeremy smiled before answering."Wanting to keep me a secret?""Well...""No problem man. I understand. I need to finish the floor and I probably need to hit this stall again."Jeremy indicated a couple youn virgin sluts of drops of white that were showing up on the red-brown of the tile."Thanks man."Luke left the rest room and met up with his Aunt and Uncle. He hoped that Jeremy would call him. dad fuck virgin children He hoped that there might be at least one cool guy to hang with while he was exiled to this hick town. He hoped that maybe his parents would change their mind and ask him Nude little virgin to come back home after only a week or two. He hoped that maybe, just maybe, Thad would call him and ask him to come back. He hoped and teen nymph virgin prayed for the last more than any of the others.Copyright 2008 by All rights reserved.Okay loyal readers, I hope you enjoyed this chapter to Rick's Barn. I am sure you probably free virgin sex thought I had virgins nudes forgotten about this story, but it has been in the back of my mind for a while.Looks like Luke made a new Friend right from the start. I bet Jeremy is happy Luke got sent to his small town. I wonder if the two will be able to do more than give each other a hand job the next time they are together.What do you think readers? Should I continue the story or let it drop? Please let me know your thoughts. Have a happy and safe holiday season.K Y
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